How To Ensure Every Website Visitor Becomes A Subscriber


As internet marketers, we all spend a lot of time planning, creating and producing our websites. Choosing themes, pictures and writing copy is a time-consuming job, but all extremely important when your aim is to have a high quality website. After all this is what the customer sees first and it therefore has to capture their attention and sustain their interest. People tend to make judgements regarding the quality of websites very quickly – probably because they know there are thousands more they can visit. It is so easy nowadays to access websites even whilst on the move, as people go about their daily business with mobile phone in hand! The internet can be reached at the click of a button and information accessed in seconds.

If a visitor discovers your website, then leaves fairly quickly, it is highly unlikely they will make a return visit. This means that if let’s say 100 people visit, leave, never to return, you have lost a high number of potential customers. Fewer customers mean less money made from sales so it makes good business sense not to let customers slip away!

Many people suggest that one great method of ensuring visitors return to your site is to always be providing fresh and unique content. Although this is always something to be working on and can be very worthwhile, there is another more long-term method for you to consider.

A valuable exercise is to actually convert your website visitors into subscribers of your mailing list. This is easily done by having an opt- in form on your website, where the visitor leaves their name and e-mail address. After they sign up to be part of your mailing list, it then allows you to contact them again, perhaps with a chance to consider what you had to offer, or maybe a follow-up or different offers that they may be interested in. They become your customer! Having your own mailing list allows you the opportunity to build up trust with your customers. Someone who buys from you once is likely to buy from you again so a good mailing list is definitely worth having.

You intend your business to become viable and successful, making you the money you want, so converting all website visitors into potential customers is a fairly easy way to do this. Those with large mailing lists are the ones making the money!

I hope this article has been of interest to you and has given you some food for thought!

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