How to Enhance Value of Email Marketing


Email marketing is a powerful tool for creating and nurturing relationships with the people on that list. It is a way to promote the brand and to inform, educate and illustrate one or more ways for those who receive the emails to solve a problem.

It is also a way to bother people with tired, sales laden copy that is easily found in any number of other websites or Ebooks at a frequency that makes them wonder why they submitted their email address in the first place. The difference in the two approaches is where the answer to the questions about how to enhance the value of email marketing is located.

Tips For Enhancing That Email List:

Respect is the main concept to think about. That means respect for the recipient’s time and intelligence. Since the purpose of email marketing is to build relationships, these messages need to be:

  • Acquired as a result of a branded website, not purchased or rented from someone else. These people have not opted in to the marketing of that website and have no reason to trust or even open those emails.
  • Planned, not just a bunch of sales copy sent every day or so.
  • Focused, not just blanket messages for everyone on the list regardless of their history with the brand, so far.
  • Safe, non spa-my and able to get through the majority of spam filters encountered in email clients.
  • What the recipients want and need.

On that website, in the capture form, within that Johnson box, the email marketer should allow the potential email list member to show what types of information they would like to receive. This can consist of newsletters, helpful free Ebooks that are informative and help in solving one of the issues they have. Specials in pricing, events being given or other offers can be listed so their time is not taken up with things they are not interested in.

They should be allowed to indicate the frequency of those messages as well. They should also be informed of what the entire campaign will consist of in a general way. It should, again, be focused on them and not on others with different issues. The individual campaigns can be set up to allow for the moving of partial lists or people to another list that more closely assists them in understanding how they can be helped specifically.

Show respect to them when it comes to Un-Subscribing:

  • Ensure that the Un-Subscribe link works.
  • On the Un-subscribe page, offer them the opportunity to cut the number of emails they receive in the average week or month. Offer them the chance to submit categories of information they need to see or do not want to see. Suggest a weekly newsletter instead of daily emails, if that is the policy. (Remember to respect their time.)
  • Above all, let them know they will not be subjected to stuff that will not help them.

Respect for the real people on the list, email etiquette, and a sharp eye toward information, not pushy sales, will go a long way to enhancing any email marketing efforts.

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