How To Do Search Engine Optimization For High Google Rankings


We all know traffic is king and getting to the number one position brings a lot of traffic, and it’s free. So, learning how to do optimization for Google is a very important skill to have to rank high in the Google search engine specifically. You will learn the basics in this article how to optimize for the content part.

Google ranks for popularity and relevance. On one side it’s a popularity contest and the way you win is to have the most inbound and outbound links. On the other side Google looks for relevance in your content.

Google’s spiders first look at the title tag of your posts. You should have your main keyword phrase your trying to rank for in it. It will be targeting your specific individuals and groups of people you are trying to get as customers. Most people use up to six different words trying to find the most relevant information to the question or inquiry that they have.

Second, Google looks at the body. It should have LSI words spread throughout. LSI words are synonyms that are related to the keyword phrase in the title. They provide more relevance because of the similar words or phrases related in terms to the words, the keywords, and the keyword phrases in our title and in our content. The body should have a keyword density of two to three percent.

Google looks for high quality content of 400 words or more broken down into different headings. They also look at images. Put text in your images which consists of the whole title, or parts of it..

Algorithms change, but basically search engines are trying to answer, in the most relevant and best way possible, questions that people have. Although they vary in the way their spiders scan websites, Google has over more than half of the search traffic. So, optimizing for Google makes sense.

What you just learned in the time it took you to read the information above for free, you can pay thousands of dollars for. Not to mention sitting through hours of seminar speakers or whatever, that are teaching the same thing They just fill it with fluff and try to package it.

Getting to number one position is everybody’s goal, but when you have rankings several times on the front page in the top ten it get’s even better. That’s when you get the majority of the traffic. If you know what Google looks for and optimize for it, then you will get a lot of traffic coming your way.

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