How to Design Search Engine Friendly Pages


Designing search engine friendly pages is the ultimate need of the online business. Only when your website reaches over the top of the search lists on search engines, you can boost your sales and generate revenue. This is the main factor that needs to be concentrated while creating a website. However, there are many facts that need to be worked on to improve engine friendliness. There are many dos and don’ts that have to be kept in mind to create a search engine friendly pages. Let us see some of the important dos and don’ts in websites while creating good search engine friendly pages on your website.

Dos to design search engine friendly pages:

Keywords: A primary concern of engine is the keywords. Search for the most commonly used keyword that goes on with you site and prepare two or three words or phrases. This is the most important factor in optimizing your site in search engines.

Text with Keywords: The engine spiders do not recognize graphics or graphical images. All that they recognize the most is text. To be precise, create texts in your sites that are rich in keywords. This is of the main method to make the spiders find your website.

Effective and useful titles: Make sure the contents in the websites are given effective and useful titles. Add your keywords to the title to make the search engine to find them quickly.

Don’ts of design:

Meta tags – over usage: Do not over use the Meta tags on the contents and site. They are not very important to the engines. Therefore, wasting time preparing them is not useful.

Do not use too many keywords: As mentioned above the usage of keywords will make your site visible and searchable to the engines. However, if you overdose the keywords and use a lot of them on the site, it may lead to potential spamming. This is the last thing you will need your site to become after so much hard work. So, do not use too many keywords.

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