How to Define the Best Link Building Strategy for Your Customer


Understanding your SEO client’s requirements when it comes to link building strategies is very crucial. There are certain things you will have to know about your client’s business and requirements in order to match their needs. There are many strategies that exist on the Internet like how to help your customer choose the most optimal link building requirements.

What You Need to Know About Your Client’s Business

You need to determine which method is going to prove to be the most effective by determining the exact niche of your customer. Find out where their customers are located; get to know their demographics, the geographic location, sex and age group they are looking to target. Depending on all these aspects, you will be able to determine where to start to get the right targeted traffic to your customer’s website.

What You Should Know About their Link Building Requirements

You need to know if link building is required to get the client’s website ranked quickly in search engine optimization as it is a part of a long term link building strategy. Once you have this information you will have to locate relevant authority websites that are going to help your customer’s site rank higher, get reputation and obtain a page rank quicker. Obviously different linking strategies are required if we are talking about a brand new website or an already established website.

The Advantages of White Hat Back-Link Building Methods

White hat tactics can create fast and strong results. They do require niche and market research beforehand, and should be prepared and well planned. A link building campaign should bring in fast and steady results and not appear suspicious in the eyes of search engines. There is nothing worse than a website using white hat tactics getting banned from search engines as the back-link building campaign has not been set up carefully. If a link building campaign is too fast, Google might get suspicious and start ignoring the site. Therefore it is recommended to limit the number of back-link submissions every day and use different anchor texts so you will not look too automated.

Most Popular White Hat Building Methods

Blog commenting, piggybacking on other blogs’ traffic and page rank is a very common way to improve a website’s search engine ranking. The things to check is if the comments are approved immediately or manually and how long it takes for them to appear on the site. Also you need to know if the blog uses do follow links, otherwise resources can be wasted.

Article marketing is also a very popular piggyback method. It’s because there are many readers using an article directory and most of these directories are considered to be authority websites with a high Alexa rank and Google’s Page Rank.

Press releases are also great for link building as they get loads of traffic. They are optimized for search engines and have a high search engine ranking for selected keywords, as they are updated regularly and feature relevant and current news.

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