How to Create Keyword Backlinks


Establishing your targetable keywords is the hard part. Now the easy part starts with building QUALITY keyword backlinks that leads others back towards your specific website. What I mean by quality is picking websites that have a high page rank and relate to your targeted niche because not only are you on the first page, but you have a lot more trust with the search engines as well.

Your main goal is to create AS MANY backlinks as possible to generate more referred leads. The page or post that is targeted by your keyword should always be linked to an anchor text.

Here is an example of an Anchor Text:

Business from home ideas

Here is an example of a Regular Link, and not an Anchor Text:

Click Here

An anchor text is simply your keyword that’s highlighted to link back towards your website post containing that targeted keyword. Keyword backlinks help tremendously build your page rank on Google search engines. You don’t want to backlink “Here” because here is a word that is constantly used on Google search engines and provides no unique results.

Ways to Create Backlinks –

One way to build free backlinks is by writing articles and posting them on article directory sites. The article site publishes your article for the whole world wide web to see and in that article is a link that takes other’s towards your site. This is an effective and free way to get backlinks, however it can be time consuming and it can be an incredibly slow process until you start generating some real traffic.

Another way to effectively apply keyword backlinks to your website is through linkbuilding tools. Online linkbuilding tools are available if you want to effectively create backlinks on credible websites, leading more people back to your targeted keyword posts.

Keypoints to Remember –

– Backlinks are VITAL to creating a higher page rank and floating to the top pages of Google search results when people type in your keywords.

– Keyword Backlinks deliver faster referrals back to your sites than regular article submission websites.

Picture it this way, your keywords are on the bottom of the ocean and the ocean is the online world of the internet. Once you create your keyword targeted content, it gets put on the web. However, it sits on the bottom because there are other people who’ve targeted those keywords before you.

Keyword backlinks act as a BUOY in floating those keywords to the top of the ocean. The more people click on your backlinks, the higher your keyword floats to the TOP. Every time someone clicks on your keyword backlinks you continue to rise until you end up on the first page of Google search results.

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