How to Create Autoresponder Messages in 5 Easy Steps


Creating the perfect message can be a challenge. We have simplified it for you. The following five steps will lead you through the creation of winning autoresponder messages.

Step 1 is create your subject line. There are six tips that I will give you as you prepare to write your subject line. The first tip is that this is not the time to be long-winded. The shorter the better. The second tip is to be intriguing. The most powerful words to use are Secret, How to, Your, First Name of Recipient, and Brand Names like Google, eBay, etc. The third tip is create your message first. Read your message after constructing it and see what pops out at you. This is what you should use in your subject line. Remember if it pops out at you it will probably pop out at the reader. The fourth tip is to use a question. We are trained to answer questions. A reader will be moved subconsciously to open your email and find the answer to the question. The fifth tip is to use initial caps. The sixth and final tip is to use an interesting quote. The reader will open the email hoping to find out who made the quote. Just make sure you include that information in the email.

Step 2 is your opening. This is a time to present a problem, an interesting fact or a quote, etc. You could also tell a little story.

Step 3 is give a partial solution. In step two you presented an opening that centered around the problem that your reader has. This is the time to give a partial solution to that problem. You don’t want to give the whole solution because if you do that then the prospect would not have any reason to buy from you. For example, let’s say that you are selling a new revolutionary way of baking chocolate chip cookies. You would list all of the necessary ingredients. However, when you list the baking instructions you would leave out the way to process the dough before baking and the temperature to bake at, etc. You would instruct your reader that in order to get the rest of the baking instructions they would need to go to the website that you would list.

Step 4 is your pitch. This is another time that you don’t need to be long-winded. You could use something as simple as “To find out more go to… ” or “To find out the remaining baking instructions go to… ” Don’t forget to use the http:// when typing in your URL so that people can click on it directly.

Step 5 is your call to action. It is a continuation of step 4. This is the time to be very specific. You want to lead your reader further into the sales funnel. You want to be very direct. For example you would say something like “Visit our website now!” Be very assertive with your invitation.

As you can see, writing a winning autoresponder message can be as easy as following the five steps in this article. Good luck with your writing!

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