How To Create an Email Marketing List Fast


For those people who are a novice to email marketing, you must have heard about “creating a list”. You might be wondering that what is meant by a list and why is it needed?

The list of your interest is a list comprised of email addresses. These addresses are not just common addresses but they are the addresses of the persons that have a curiosity in your section of a market. For instance: you are involved in the “health” market and you are promoting the products like vitamins – so your “area of market” would be a bit like: healthy eating, supplements or increased energy.

In order to understand the need of an email list you must first understand the process of email marketing.

  • Initially you must create a single page website.
  • Get perspective customers to the single page website.
  • To attract people to register for your list provide them gifts through your single page website. Any digital media like eBook can be a gift.
  • Build up your list for a considerable time.
  • After having a list of sufficient size you can start marketing services and products to it as the people in your list are all those who have an interest in your market area.

This entire process is basically an engine of email marketing. Once its setup is complete, it will work with minor inputs from you – which will leave you a good amount of time to market your products. In order to generate a list you must increase traffic to your single page website. Visitors to your single page website will find a selection box on your single page – this is the box wherein they will provide their name along with an email address. All you need to do is to give the viewers a reason to provide you with their email address – you can attain this by giving them gifts such as a subscription to a newsletter or an eBook that have content related to your niche.

To create a list you must drive traffic to your single page website – so now the main question is how you can drive more and more traffic to your website? By using some marketing techniques you can attain traffic in your website

Few or these techniques are:

Search engine optimization.

It is a process that helps to improve the visibility of your website to various search engines.


The newsletters are mailed to your e-mail marketing list – this technique will work only if you have some definite number of people on your marketing list.

Forum marketing

Do interactions with forums that discuss about your niche. Reply and post to the contents in such forums. Remember to attach your signature to every post you make – a signature comprises of the address of your website.

Social networking

A social networking website is comprised of the people that are having common interests. The most famous social networking website on the net today is Facebook. You can post anything you like on it to let people know what you are offering.

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