How to Create a Winning Press Release


A press release is of great importance in a marketing campaign. Aside from article writing, press releases are written outputs which can provide traffic to a business. These are often used to catch the attention of the public and also its target market.

What makes writing a press release different from article writing is the fact that these are more direct and recent in terms of its content. Its presentation is also different. A PR also comes with a timeline and a resource box.

There are a couple of ways to write a winning press release. Here are some important tips to remember:

1. Write an effective headline. Just like a news item, there is a need for a headline. For the headline to be effective, it must contain the gist of the PR in a single sentence. Many PR writers lose the attention of their readers right away just because their headline is very poorly written.

2. Give a background on the owner. Press releases are given more life when the people behind it are identified. It is made more effective when a brief description is made about them. Include a short story. For example, the story can be about how the owner was ignited with the idea of creating such product etc.

3. Search engine optimize it. Just as with article writing, search engine optimize means to enable the press release to generate traffic toward the main site. The important thing about this is that it must contain the most effective keywords possible. It should also be accepted by several PR directories. Placing anchor links within the PR will also help.

4. Make sure it’s recent. Press releases should never include stale items. As much as possible, the content of the PR should be something which has just happened or will happen. Otherwise, no one will be interested to read it anymore. It is like a news piece: if it is old, no one will buy it.

5. Make it concise. Just as in article writing, a PR must include worthwhile information. However it does not need to be blooming with adjectives to make it more interesting. Go straight to the point and avoid verbosity. Make it as easy to read as possible. This will keep the attention and the interest of the readers.

Producing a press release for a website can do wonders for generating traffic. Make sure to follow the tips listed above to make them as effective as possible. Press releases can then be a part of an effective internet marketing campaign.

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