How To Create A Responsive Email Marketing List


As long as there is the world wide web there will always be emails. They go hand in hand. Emails remain one of the most effective electronic means of communication in our modern world… and my friends, the prognosis of its sustained existence is real.

That said, the question here is how do you create an email list of active subscribers that crave your communication with them? Subscribers with whom you can build a meaningful relationship? Leads who trust you and respect your judgements enough to part with their dear cash in purchasing your products?

Well, basically there are endless ways to do this.

One scientifically tested surefire way is content marketing. This method can be done in several ways. But the key purpose is to provide consistently useful information to your audience.

NB: To find targeted leads your articles and posts must be properly optimized for search engines. That is finding the right keywords and phrases which your audience is looking for and putting them into your content.

What are their FAQ?

Provide answers.

Be the answers.

Then distribute these answers through media such as:

forum postings. Creating signature files with your contact information under each of your informative posts on these forums is an almost guarantee way to build a network of subscribers and leads for your business. is a personal favorite list for such forums.

Writing and submitting to several article submission websites is another successful way to build your email marketing lists. Similarly, you can also provide this information in the form of videos and submit them to video blasting sites such as… or you may opt to do podcasts.

Such great content may also be generously displayed on your websites.

Guest blogging is a welcomed opportunity for you to be seen by the audience of other bloggers who compliment your ideas. Make meaningful comments on their blogs for the purpose of introducing yourself. You can then offer to be a guess writer from time to time on their blogs. They may also take turns doing the same for your blogs as well.

Offer some great incentives to your audience on the landing pages of your even greater products and services. No one turns their back on a free and useful offer. Give away free interactive eBooks upon every sign up to your mailing list. Provide a series of advice and tips on how to deal with issues your leads care about. This can be either in monthly, weekly or bi-weekly newsletters. You could also offer invitations to events, promotions and discounts to your audience.

For best results, use this method as an enhancement to your to social media marketing or search engine marketing (paid advertisements such as pay-per-click, cost-per-click, cost-per-lead, cost-per-action, solo or banner advertisements).

You can also include in all your advertising tactics, a personalized barcode which links to your mailing list.

Be sure however, to set up an auto-responder to manage your sources of leads in a futuristic way. There are free or paid ones. Mailchimp is a favorite of mine. You could also use InfusionSoft, Silverpop, Constant Contact, Aweber and a host of others.

When all these methods are done well and in combination with well thought out keywords for SEO, your subscribes will love and follow you to the ends of the earth.

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