How To Create A Highly Effective Press Release


In this article I’m going to show you exactly how to go about creating a highly effective press release. Writing a good news release is similar to writing a good article. You can use some of the skills you used in article writing to effectively learn how to write a press release. Although you can use some of your article writing skills to write a press release. Writing a newsworthy release is quite a bit different then writing an article.

When formatting a newsworthy release you must keep in mind you are trying to attract attention from the media as well as news watchers. One of the differences that will separate an article and a news release is that a good release needs to sound newsworthy. If you expect the reader of your press release to click through to your product or website your release will have to sound newsworthy.

The first step to creating a highly effective release is to create a powerful introduction. You want your introduction or title to grab the attention of the reader. Similar to writing an article title you want your release title to stir the reader’s interest.

Getting your reader’s attention with the title, and maintaining their interest throughout the body of your news release is vital to your success. It’s very easy to lose your reader’s interest if your press release isn’t compelling and interesting. The trick is to get them interested by giving them an interesting headline that will make them stay on your site.

If you promoting a new product or just announcing that you’ve created, this really cool new website. You need to let your readers know “what’s in it for them”, how can they benefit from this product or website. Use catchy phrases or words that will stir the reader’s interest. Phrases like; “just released, never before available to the public, find out how, or how to finally achieve success”.

The body of your newsworthy release should deliver the information that your compelling title promised. It is very similar to article writing, you must support your title. Its how the body of your release is worded that will separate it from article writing. Make sure your release tells your reader where you want them to go, or what you want them to do. If you want the reader to click on to your website sales page you need to keep reminding them as professionally as possible to go to your site.

This can easily be achieved when you have a nice opening, have a set of supportive paragraphs, and you put in your website or product’s link whenever possible.When formatting your news release, you want to keep in mind that somebody will be reading it, so don’t just keep leading them there and annoying them. Creating a highly effective press release is the best way to finally get your announcement noticed by the media. Press releases can drive targeted traffic to your website. Writing a press release is a skill that is learnable.

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