How to Craft a Successful Newsletter


Newsletters are a great way for dentists to reach their clients and potential clients, as well as stay top of mind. Many brands use newsletters to contact, inform, and learn from their customers. There are several key pieces of advice to heed when creating a newsletter for the first time.

Have A Plan

When creating a newsletter for your readers, it is important to begin with a plan. Do not just start a newsletter because your competitors have one, or because it seems easy. Take your time in evaluating how often you will communicate with your customers, and what you will talk about when you send out emails. Will you send an email quarterly, bi-monthly, or once a month? Decide what you will write about – promotions, sales, office news, industry news, or some combination. Ensure that whatever you write about, you stick to it. Don’t tempt your clients with promises of relevant updates and send them pitches to buy new services every month.

Promote Your Letter

There’s no sense in having an email newsletter if you don’t have a list to send it to. There are several ways you can gain readers who want your content delivered to their inbox. The first step to take is to promote your newsletter on your website -each page should feature a box that visitors can easily fill out to sign up for your emails. When you go to events with potential clients or other dental professionals, have the information about your newsletter with you and prompt them to sign up. Also make sure you are promoting your newsletter on social networks your practice is active on, such as Facebook and Twitter.

Another easy way to gain new readers is to add a sign-up section on your new patient paperwork, but don’t just ask them for their email address and throw in a box for them to check. Explain the benefits of receiving the newsletter, such as, “By signing up for our newsletter, you will be kept up-to-date with relevant news concerning our office and general, relevant oral health news.” Letting your patients know that the intent of your newsletter is to inform, instead of trying to sell them something, could be your ticket to getting a sign-up.

Pay Attention

Your clients are already telling you what they want to hear from you… even if they don’t realize it. If you have two clients in a month asking you about the benefits 3D X-rays, you should take that as a clue to add some information in about the process in your next email blast.

Be Social

Newsletters are an excellent way to stay in contact with your readers, but they are especially helpful if they are integrated into the rest of your social strategy. Include reminders about your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages in each message – even if this is simply a link back to your profile, your readers will find other ways to connect with your practice.

Know Your Reader

Let your readers get involved in your newsletter! Ask them for suggestions and opinions. Readers should get to know who is writing them messages – let the author’s personality shine, and your readership will surely improve.

Overall, newsletters are an excellent way to reach your clients and gain new prospects. As long as you carefully create a plan, pay attention to what your clients want to read, and stay consistent, your newsletter will see success.

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