How to Choose The Best Reseller Web Hosting?


As the Internet usage increased, the demand to have a website for every business or individual also increased from last 6 years or so. We knew that every website needs to be hosted at servers generally provided by hosting service providers, to be accessible through internet. Web hosting business grows each day as small and big entrepreneurs approach hosting service providers in order to enhance their business through online marketing. Hosting industry comprises of traditional structure which has a network of intermediaries as compared to any other business but it varies according to the nature of the business. Data center lease servers to hosting companies. Thereafter, hosting companies sell the allocated resources directly to their customers through their retail sites or they appoint resellers to run their own business under their own branding. If you are a small business owner and want to start your first hosting business venture it is necessary to find the right things to consider before choosing your hosting service provider for your reseller hosting business.

Well Begun is half Done: Before investing into new venture, you need to find out which hosting company will be your service provider. There are literally thousands of hosting companies out there but everyone does not have the same reputation in the market. Choose the ideal hosting service provider based on following consideration.

  • Server Location: Find out where the servers are located. Server location affects important factors like site load time, response time, search engine optimization. Try to find server locality within your Geo location.
  • Security: What are the security measures taken by server administrates to avoid hacking and related activities.
  • Server Stability: Most host claim 99.9% up-time guarantee but it is not there, so it is better to check server stability of the company.
  • Support offered and Response time: Support is the most crucial factor to consider while choosing a hosting company because as a start-up business venture you will need support for various things from your hosting provider until you get familiar with the operations.
  • Branding Options: What are the branding options available with respective hosting company? Do they offer private name servers, c panel branding etc?
  • Upgrade Options: What are the upgrade options available and is it possible to upgrade the present plan without disturbing the services?
  • Contact Information: Does the hosting company provide the adequate contact information on where you can reach them? Most of the hosting companies are maintained by individual freelancers and after a certain time you came to know that their address and phone numbers are not reachable.
  • Forums, Blogs and Knowledge Base: Most companies offer forums and keep posting regularly on their blog of the latest updates. Knowledge base is a proper document to learn technical terms and how-to articles are really helpful. Does the hosting company has all of these?
  • Free Add-on Services:What are the free add-on services offered by them like free domain reseller, free billing software etc.
  • Refund Policy: Most host offers money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with their services.
  • Read Reviews: It is better to read reviews of companies before dealing with them as reviews help us to get detail information about customer service and support offered by a particular company.

The ranking criteria may vary depending upon person’s needs and technical expertise. Thus it is always better to point out what are your exact requirements? Can they be fulfill by the chosen hosting service provider?

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