How to Build Your Own Opt In List


Building your own Opt In list

Every email marketer knows that Opt In list in the lifeline of email marketing. Email marketing is one of the most reliable ways of generating consistent free targeted traffic for your website or squeeze page.

Having your own list of email addresses can help you direct your subscribers to your product page. The conversion rate will be higher as these subscribers are the targeted audiences who have some degree of interest in your product.

Choosing the right Auto-responder

The two popular Auto-responders are Aweber and Getresponse. Both sites charge about $9.90 per monthly for their services.

Please do not consider using the free auto-responder as advertisements will be added to all your outgoing emails. This will distract or frustrate your targeted subscribers and the response rates to your emails will be lower.

You can also setup a dedicated server and install an auto responder script in your server. You save on the monthly auto-responders charges. However, you are also taking the risk of server failure which may result in loss of your Opt in list. Personally, I prefer to pay monthly charges to have a peace of mind and hassle free.

Landing Page

You will require a website (Landing page) for your visitors to subscribe. To encourage your visitors to subscribe, you should offer some free quality gifts to them such as a good content ebook. Try to minimize the number of fields in your subscriber form. The more fields that are required to be filled, the visitors will be less inclined to sign up. The recommended two fields are the Name and the Email address.

Double Opt In lists are more popular now because they provide extra security as subscribers must confirm their email address, but most people will likely to forget to complete this confirmation and sometime confirmation email goes to their email junk folder. This will result in lower active subscriber. You might prefer a single Opt in feature.


Once your landing page is created and the emails are setup in the auto-responder, you need to drive traffic to your page. Creating videos and uploading to YouTube to create awareness of your page is a good way to generate traffic. Submitting your own content to article directories is also an effective to drive traffic to your site. Paying for SoloAds is also an effective and a faster way to gain subscribers.

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