How to Build Relationships With Your Prospects Through Your Email Campaign


Just like any eBusiness owner, I am sure that your main goal in taking your business online is to boost your sales and revenue. This is something that you cannot achieve by just sending traffic to your website. In order to convert your visitors to paying customers, you’ll need to earn their trust first. This is something that can be done by constantly communicating and by building relationship with them.

Launching your email marketing campaign will help you achieve this. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Right after convincing your prospects to sign up to your email marketing list, send them an email thanking them for subscribing to your list. Give them a list of benefits that they can expect from you. Also, let them know how excited you are in having them as subscribers. Your enthusiasm will surely rub off on them and this is something that you’ll find extremely useful and beneficial.
  2. Be consistent. If you promise these people that you’re going to send them weekly informative newsletters, make sure that you’re going to deliver. Don’t let them wait and never be late. Also, keep up the quality of your content so you can consistently impress your prospects. Also, I suggest that you write at least 4 emails in advance.
  3. Help your subscribers. This is something that can really help you win their hearts and their trust. Find ways on how you can help these people. Go to forums or run polls to know the kind of information and assistance that they’re looking for. Perhaps they’re having a hard time pulling up their page ranking or maybe, they’re wondering why they’re not making money through their investments. Provide them with in-depth information, answers to burning questions, and solutions to their common issues. Do this consistently and these people will surely recognize you as the go-to person each time they need relevant information.
  4. Inform before you advertise. Avoid sending your subscribers email ads too soon. If you try to get them to buy from you the first couple of times you tried to communicate with them, you can be assured that they’ll unsubscribe from your list. If you don’t want that to happen, you need to work on giving them reasons to do business with you. Give them proofs of your expertise, build great reputation in the online arena, and let them know you on a personal level.
  5. Invite your subscribers to visit your blog or your Facebook page. Include the link of your blog and Facebook on each email that you send. Encourage your recipients to visit them so you can start real-time conversation with these people. Take time when answering their questions and have fun talking to them on a regular basis. If these people are responding to your call to action (they’re liking your Facebook page, they’re downloading your free eBooks, they’re joining your polls, they’re participating on your surveys, etc.), that’s the best time to sell them your products and services.

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