How to Build Niche Mailing List Blueprints


If you’re an internet marketer, then you know you need to learn how to build niche mailing list blueprints. But you probably don’t have a clue where to start. Planning out appropriate and relevant content, convincing readers to subscribe to your mailing list, and then actually generating a profit from these activities is tough.

This quick guide will break it down for you, making it simple for you to understand what steps you need to take to build a perfect blueprint for mailing list success.

Step One: Learn What Your Subscribers Want
There’s nothing as worthless as a mailing list that sends out content that doesn’t interest the readers. You can build a huge list, but if you don’t engage your readers they won’t want to come back for more. They’ll hit the unsubscribe link, and you’ll be constantly struggling to keep subscribership up.

Don’t republish the content on your blog. Your readers already know where to find that. Instead, use your mailing list to supplement that content. Share articles on similar topics that you have published in the past, or have other bloggers related to your niche write a guest post for it.

The best way to keep your readers engaged with your list is asking them what they want to see from it. Ask them and they’ll be happy to tell you.

Plan Your Content Schedule
If you’re planning the posts on your blog effectively then you know weeks in advance what you’ll be writing and publishing. Use this schedule to create a second editorial calendar for your mailing list. Make sure you use a combination of the supplemental mailings described above as well as unique pieces that your subscribers want to read.

When you know in advance what you have to publish to your list it makes it easier to put together high quality pieces. Remember, you’re using this niche mailing list to sell something, and if your readers don’t stay engaged they won’t be around long enough to buy.

Give Away a Free Product to Boost Subscriptions
It doesn’t matter if you outsource the creation of a resource, create it yourself, or use private label rights content. You have to give something away for free to encourage readers to subscribe to your list.

Make sure that your freebie is relevant to their wants and needs. If it’s not, they’re not going to be enticed to sign up. This is important if you’re paying to have a product created, doing it with your own time, or using a free resource for your gift.

A freebie will seem tacky and deter visitors from signing up if it’s not directly related to their interests.

Drive Traffic to Your Site
Your website is the funnel that your subscribers pass through. You need to make sure that you’re driving traffic to it, or you won’t be able to get any subscribers. You can use pay per click or implement organic SEO strategies to get plenty of traffic on your site.

Make sure that you use direct calls to action on your site to convert the traffic you do get. Tell them exactly what you want them to do: “Sign up for the mailing list now!”

Don’t beat around the bush. The more direct you are, the more likely your list will overflow with subscribers. Tell them at least one huge benefit that they will receive in addition to your free gift. If possible, use a testimonial from an existing subscriber to drive the point home.

Subtly Recommending Your Products
This is the part that is most difficult. Once you have a list full of describers you can’t flip the script and turn into a used car salesman. Instead, carry on and keep calm. Send the same kinds of content that have brought you this success, but subtly weave affiliate links and product suggestions into your content.

If you’re doing it right you’ll notice that your sales skyrocket.

Put all of these tips to use and you’ll have the blueprint that’s guaranteed to deliver success with a niche mailing list. If you ignore them you’re unlikely to succeed, so print this article out and keep it on your desk for quick reference.

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