How To Build An Email List With Simple Tools


So now that you understand why you should build an email list, the next logical question is how to build it. Here are the three things you need to build an effective email list

Autoresponder – An autoresponder is a tool that sends your pre-written email messages out on auto-pilot. You can load a year’s worth of autoresponder messages and then take a vacation, if you want to, while your autoresponder performs the mundane task of sending email messages to your subscribers who opt in to your newsletter/email list.

You can set your email messages to be sent daily, weekly, or however often you would like your emails sent..

There are several autoresponders or email management services on the market. The one I use and recommend is Aweber. There are several reasons why I recommend Aweber, such as the ability to integrate easily with other popular websites and systems. Aweber also has tons of training and excellent customer support.

Opt-in Form – The second thing you need is an opt-in form for your subscribers to fill out. You can put this on your blog or website, but the best place to put your opt-in box is on a squeeze page. A squeeze page has only one option for your potential subscribers: Enter their email address (and whatever other information you ask for).

People on the internet are A.D.D. That means they get distracted easily if you have a lot of bells and whistles on your website. A squeeze page allows them to focus on only one thing…complete your opt-in form.

Aweber integrates with your Facebook Fan Page, which allows you to put your squeeze page on your fan page. This will enable you to build your email list without even having a website!

Free Offer – This is also referred to as a bribe because you give your target market a free offer as a bribe to get them to subscribe to your newsletter. This bribe could be a free-report, an ebook, a video, or a mini-course. The important thing is that it is something that your target market wants.

You have the ability to create all three of these things with Aweber. If you have a network marketing business, another alternative is to use a marketing system that has everything set up for you already. There are also a lot of different marketing systems on the market, but the one I use and recommend is My Lead System Pro (MLSP).

MLSP has 20+ autoresponder messages already pre-written, and 15+ professionally designed squeeze pages. You will be able to set up your email marketing system quickly and focus your energy on your income producing tasks.

Once you get your opt-in form set up on your squeeze page, then all your efforts will be focused on marketing, to drive targeted traffic to your squeeze page. This is another whole subject by itself.

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