How To Build An Email List Using Paid For Traffic


In order to create a lasting online information marketing business it will be in your interest to use paid for traffic to build an email list. Once you capture the prospects email details then you are in position to contact them on a regular basis as they have volunteered to receive your messages. This is the key for building a relationship with someone who actually wants to hear more of what you have to say.

There are lots of methods to build an email list and one way that should not be discounted because it is not free is the route of paid traffic. It is simple to do by creating an advertisement banner or text ad and having it circulated by an ad network. The key to successfully buying traffic is to ensure that you get as much targeted traffic as possible. Some ad network sites might dazzle you with statistics that you will be guaranteed thousands of visitors, but if these visitors are no better than spam traffic what is the point in spending your money even if the cost is very cheap?

What you have to ensure is that the ad network is going to distribute your ad to the very websites and blogs that have visitors who are potentially worthwhile to you. This is where the use of focused keywords is essential so that your ad only ever appears on web pages that will be seen by the very people who are using the same keywords and phrases to search for information that you yourself have targeted.

One of the big decisions to make is how much money to allocate to your advertisement budget. There can be a danger that the amount of money that could be spent can get out of control if you do not put limits on it and also the type of ad you set up. To get prospects onto an email list, it is normally better to go for “cost per click” (you are charged every time the ad is clicked on) than “cost per impression” (you are charged every time the webpage where the ad is located is viewed). Whilst cost per impression is cheaper it is generally much less effective for email list building.

Some research requires being undertaken on various ad networks to find which one will provide the best access to your chosen targeted market plus also where the most competitive costs are offered. The cost per click can be very low in terms of those clicking through to your landing page and email signs ups rates. It is all about testing the ad and seeing how each variation of it performs and ensuring that the overall cost in terms of cost per acquisition of each sign up to the email list is worthwhile.

You should never rely on only one source of traffic when building an email list and using paid for traffic can be a very cost effective means of getting qualified prospects to your website and blog with the intention of getting them onto your email list. While many think that they can get all the traffic they want through free methods, allocating a little amount of money to bring in paid traffic can be a very rewarding return for the investment used.

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