How to Build an Email List – List Building Basics


In today’s fast paced Internet environment, it is not uncommon to come across marketers selling products that claim their point and click system is the way to go.

Maybe you’ve already come across one of these ‘point, click and earn’ systems and laid down your hard earned money to only get frustrated and then turn around.

The challenge with these systems is that they are made to look simple and easy to use but for the new person who has never built a website let alone a business, what may seem like a simple task may turn out to be a long frustrating ordeal.

In some cases the point and click system may indeed work but there is always advance work that needs to be done before the system will fully function.

If you have been searching for a web-based business that you can operate from home or anywhere that has an Internet connection, maybe you need to consider other ways of making an income online versus the point and click option.

One of the more traditional ways of building a business online is to develop a list of subscribers and market products and services to them. This particular online option finds its roots in the offline world of direct mail and direct marketing and sometimes is also referred to as email marketing or list building.

If you choose to build a list of email subscribers; Here are the Five Steps that you should take in order to get the work done and have your business up and running:

1. To have a long-term web based business that involves subscribers, you need a web site or at least a way to build what are called landing or squeeze pages. Whether you use WordPress, Dreamweaver or an open source software to build and develop your web pages, it is important to understand that your web site is critical to your success. In the very beginning you can even use mini-sites like Squidoo to get things up and running. This way you can produce pages fast and get your content online as fast as possible.

2. The next thing you will need is a lead collection system to capture searchers and that also allows you to communicate with them. This is what is commonly referred to as an email auto-responder account. This account or service has two purposes – one is to provide the lead capture form and two is to provide the database and interface software for you to manage your list of subscribers and create email messages.

3. Create a series of messages that are sent to your subscribers as they opt in to your list. These messages should be a mix of high quality content and offers for whatever products and/or services you decide to market.

4. Drive targeted traffic to your website with one of the many methods currently available like Pay-per-click and banner advertising or article and video marketing. Traffic is key so make sure to find sources that you can first test and eventually ramp up if it proves to deliver the right kind of searcher.

5. Convert your subscribers into buyers through the process of selling your products and/or services. This last step is the most important because if you don’t convert the subscriber – you will not make any money.

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