How to Build a Solid Email List


Before we answer how to build a solid email list let’s answer why we would want to build such a list. The main reason why you would want to build your list for email contact is because it would provide you with a captive audience. When site visitors arrive at your site there is a chance that they will buy from you and a chance that they won’t. If they landed on your site through the normal flow of traffic and they don’t buy from you there is a good chance that they won’t return to your website. On the other hand, if you are able to reach that visitor by email, you can invite them to return to your site. Another reason why you should build an email list is that the list is a company asset. If you ever wanted to sell the company the list would add value to the sale.

The first task to complete when building a solid list is to add an opt-in form to your blog or homepage of your website. One way to add the form is to join an email marketing service provider like Get Response and get the code for the form directly from them. Make sure that you place the form above the fold so that it can immediately gain attention. One good thing about companies like Get Response is that they not only give you the code to install the opt-in form they also give you the tools to manage your list.

You are not limited to where you can reasonably place an opt-in form. One place, other than your home page, that you can place a form for opt-ins is the “About” page. People who go to your “About” page have more than likely already read your homepage and have an interest in who you are. They are very likely to opt-in to your site to find out more about you and what you have to offer. A second place that you can put your opt-in form is on your checkout page. If people trust your site enough that they are willing to pull out their credit card then chances are they will be interested in getting coupons and other incentives from you. If you have any questions about how to add a form to your checkout page then contact your shopping cart provider. A third place to add a form for opting in is your blog’s comment section (If you own a website that does not have a blog you should install one). At the end of each blog post there should be an option to opt-in.

Now that we know where we can put our opt-in forms let’s discuss what will actually compel people to opt-in. You are going to have to do more than just state “Join my email list” or “Join my newsletter.” To get people to opt-in you are going to need to offer something for free that the site visitor would feel that they just have to have. Make the incentive something that your target market would stay up at night and sweat bullets if they don’t opt-in and have it. If your market is realtors then an example of a good incentive would be “Enter your email address and get a list of 7 places that you can list a house for free.” If your targeted prospects are writers an example of a good incentive would be “Enter your information and I will send you a way to publish your book for free.” Those are just a couple of examples. Take some time with this and really get into your targeted markets head. Know what their wants are and what causes them pain. Craft your incentive accordingly.

Be mindful that forms with incentives are not the only type of forms that you can display on your site. You could also include an email opt-in form that allows the site visitor to choose the type of correspondence that they receive. Examples would include industry news, thought for the day, etc.

Don’t forget that just because email is online that does not mean that’s the only way you can collect the addresses. You can also collect these addresses offline. If you have a retail location you can ask customers to give their email when completing an order. You can also collect emails when marketing at festivals or concerts.

You might be asking, by now, why should you go through all of the trouble of building an email list when you could just buy email leads from a respectable lead generating company. One reason that you might want to build the list yourself instead of buying leads is that purchasing these lists can be expensive. You are not always guaranteed to make your money back as quickly as you would hope. Another reason is when you buy the leads you cannot be 100% sure of how they were generated. You can be sure, however, that email leads that are collected from your site are from people who are interested in interacting with your site and/or are interested in your products. So, use the tips given in this article to develop your email lead list slowly over time. The quality of the list will be much better.

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