How Should You Use Email Marketing For Maximum Profit?


If you are building a list of subscribers then you need to make sure that you are using your email campaign effectively. In this article I want to go through how you should use your email marketing efforts to provide value.

Value subscribers

When someone signs up to your email campaign they have to give you their name and address and there is a certain level of trust that is needed in order for them to do so. If you then abuse that trust and use your email campaign to just flood their email box with useless product promotions then you are not valuing your subscribers.

If someone trusts you enough to give you their email address then you should respect that and value that individual.

Make sure that you treat everyone on your list with respect and use your email campaigns as a means to develop further trust and mutual respect so that you are able to promote your products with the foundation in place.

Provide valuable content

When you start creating your email campaigns you need to create them around providing value for your subscribers.

Make sure that you provide content emails whereby you are sharing advice and tips that your subscribers will find useful. On occasion offer a free gift so that your subscribers know that you still value them.

When you come to promote your product then make sure you identify the benefits that your subscribers would have if they purchase from you.

When you write your emails with the idea of providing value then you are able to do this even when you promote your products because you know that your product is itself providing incredible value and benefit to your list.

Abide by email regulations

Make sure that the auto responder account that you use is a highly respected company and that they maintain their standards and abide by the current email marketing regulations. This is really important and without it you could get into serious trouble and of course it is not professional.

Nurture relationships

Have you ever signed up to someone’s email campaign and they send you some great emails and you purchase from them and you never hear from them again?

The product that you purchase might be fantastic but the feelings you are left with is that in fact that particular person didn’t value you. They only valued you before you were a customer. They just wanted your money!

Your email campaign should be used to nurture and build the relationship you have with both buyers and non-buyers. Make sure that when people purchase from you, that you continue to give value to your relationship with them and offer them further help and advice they need it.

This is in fact of benefit to you because it enables you to find out what products you might be able to create in the future and the types of customers who would benefit from joining a coaching program.

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