How SEO Copywriting Can Benefit Your Business


These days, nobody uses those big fat directory books anymore. It’s so much easier to just type in a few words describing what you’re looking for, and hitting enter. Tada! Just like that you have a list of options to have a look at – of which you’ll only look at the first few.

That’s why it is very important for business websites to rank within the first list. SEO – search engine optimisation – is all about that. It’s about increasing your exposure on the internet and driving more traffic to your business website. There are a few special techniques to achieve this, and that is where SEO copywriting comes in.

SEO copywriting

SEO copy – whether it’s for website copy, an article or press release – is written to work well with search engines. This means it has to contain specific keywords that your users will type into a search engine that will bring up your site. SEO copywriters will develop the right set of keywords for your site, and use them in the proper balance. Content that doesn’t contain enough keywords won’t rank well, and search engines will reject content that is overloaded with keywords.

Writing for readers

SEO copywriting also requires a unique balance between writing for search engines and writing for your readers. SEO copywriters can provide content that is still creative and interesting, while it contains the right amount of keywords. You don’t want content that is simply stuffed with keywords and doesn’t make any sense to a reader. You want to capture your readers’ attention.

On-site optimisation

This is where the balance between keyword use and content readability is the biggest challenge. SEO copywriters will write the content for your website in a style that is easy to read and specifically catered to web users. And they will select all the right information that your readers will be looking for. In between all of that they will insure that your specific keywords are sprinkled throughout in the right density to be noticed by search engines.

Off-site optimisation

Another great way to promote your website is by submitting articles and press release to other websites. This will create back-links that improve your site ranking and divert traffic to your website. SEO copywriters will write appealing articles and press releases that are specifically related to your products and services and contain all the right keywords.

Get your website noticed by search engines with professional SEO writing.

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