How Opt-Ins and Autoresponders Improved Email Marketing


Besides the advent of the marketing medium itself, no two other things have not only improved upon but also revolutionized email marketing than opt-ins and autoresponders.

Opt-in is nothing more than the little signup form that kindly asks customers to enter their email address to receive promotions, deals and general company information in their inbox.

Autoresponders are a bit more complicated than opt-ins, but their impact on email marketing is identical. Autoresponders are scheduled, preplanned emails that share information, updates and deals to customers in their inbox. Autoresponders are a type of email but differ from the email marketing promotions.

In short, opt-ins and autoresponders are completely and utterly integral to email marketing.

Opt-Ins Improves Email Marketing By:

1. Reinforces Customer Security Online

Of everything that could potentially scare customers online, the number one frightener is losing their identity. If you think about it, we leave a huge and lasting cookie trail (pun intended) across the web with every keystroke and click we make.

What customers want more than anything from their online experience is control. They want to call the shots, they want to give out their private information when they choose to and they certainly don’t want anyone invading their privacy.

Spammers are avid intruders.

So, opt-in forms are key to providing a sense of security with customers. They’re supplying you their email address and allowing you to contact them, when and how they want.

2. Improves Business-to-Customer (B2C) Relationships

Customers are more inclined to trust businesses that offer a chance to sign up. And, what they like even more is the opportunity to get insider information and email-only deals.

Now, with opt-ins, it’s customary for businesses to list what the benefits are for signing up in the form itself.

3. Decreases Chances of Blacklisting

Blacklisting – or labeled a no-good, spammer – is every email marketers’ worst nightmare. Essentially, what blacklisting means is that your Internet identity is publicly marked as one that emails without permission (spamming) to loads of unwilling recipients.

However, with the advent of opt-ins, email marketers have dramatically reduced their chances of becoming blacklisted because the power of permission has shifted from the sender to the recipient (customer).

Further, the combination of opt-ins and autoresponders has virtually eliminated the possibility of blacklisting. All of the power is now with the customer rather than the business. Opt-ins have not only revolutionized email marketing but also anything permission-based with other forms of advertising (SMS and fax marketing, namely).

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