How Online Classified Ads Are Affecting Our World?


When Mr Craig Newmark started the first ever online classified ads web-site in 1996, no one imagined that one day it will become an integral part of people’s lifestyle. Nobody thought that people will run their businesses on such sites and it will create history that will inspire millions.

In today’s era, there are many web-sites where one can post their ads for free or can promote their businesses by posting the relevant ad. And these sites are providing many facilities to the users such that the way of advertising, buying/selling, marketing, promoting etc. has been changed forever. This is exactly how online classified ads have changed our lives:-

  • Now people don’t have to read a whole newspaper to search for a specific adv. and a person don’t have to spend a huge amount of money to put an advertisement.
  • Because of such web-sites, people can easily sell/buy their stuffs online which is extremely time-saving.
  • This way of buying/selling of stuffs has led to form a cycle, in which things are being used again and again which is ultimately helping in the recycling process of old stuffs and thus saving our planet.
  • Since most of the items which are put on sale are the old and used ones, the selling price is low and because of this, people who can’t afford those items at the original price can now own them easily.
  • Since these web-sites are easy to use, people having very less knowledge about marketing and advertising can now easily promote their businesses.

Thanks to such technology which has surely helped the human beings by providing such comforts. But we human beings always find a way to interrupt things going on easily. With so many advantages of such web-sites, there are few flaws which are affecting our lifestyles negatively:-

  • Since posting ads is free and can be done by anyone, some people have started providing adult services, drugs, fake informations through them which is illegal for sure and a problem for the society.
  • Also, the process of selling/buying is so easy that it has become a trend in today’s generation to buy a new stuff and sell it within few weeks which is certainly not a good habit.

Even though these problems are serious, we can’t just ignore the fact that online classified ads are the new and effective way of doing business and will keep on putting smiles on our face. All we need to do is to promise ourselves that we will use technology for the betterment of the society, for making peace within the society and for the rise of the society.

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