How Often To Send Emails To Your Opt-In Subscriber List Along With The Best Time Of Day


When you’re getting started building a list and marketing using emails, there are a lot of questions and unknowns that you have. You’re not sure about what your subject line should be, what offer you should promote, how often to mail, what to even say in your messages, what kind of words do you put on your opt-in page? There are lots of questions but a very easy question that we can fix right now is how often to email and what time of day to email?

You should email preferably everyday or at least three times a week. Email in the morning and be consistent. Personally, I make it a point to email my subscribers every single day. The reason for this is because these subscribers are on other marketers’ lists. I know that they all receive hundreds of emails per day. So, they’re going to get a lot of email every single day and it’s up to you to stand out and be heard.

I wouldn’t recommend emailing more than once per day but if you can email every day, helping them out, giving them a tip, sending them a reminder, showing them an offer, sending them to a video, linking to a blog post then you can be very helpful. The key though is to send very short and to the point emails that usually end in the link.

You might even work yourself up to this. You might even work yourself up to emailing once per week and then up to two or three times per week before going every day. But no matter what niche you’re in, no matter what your demographic or location is, your subscribers should hear from you every day. I see too many email marketers only email once per month and I barely even hear from them.

Now that you know to email every day, what time of day is best to email? There really is no best time of day. You could go crazy wondering if you should email at 12 noon, at 10:00, at 5:00 or at 8:00, but I have found that I prefer to send emails in the morning, first thing when I get started in the day.

Just make it a part of your routine. Sit down, write an email and send it, telling people about what your thoughts are for today, what web page they should check out and so on. Send in the morning that with then other people will see your email very early on and then it will be one of the first few emails that they see.

What’s more important than emailing on a specific day or on any specific time is to be there and be consistent. If you build an email marketing list and you don’t email it for six months, I guarantee you will lose half of your list. So, you need to stay in contact. Some people will unsubscribe but that is the reality of doing business on the Internet and marketing using email. It’s more important for you to have a consistent message and always be there and always be helping your email subscribers with whatever your area of expertise is.

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