How Often Should You Pitch Your Products And Services In Your Email Marketing?


How often should you pitch your products and services in your email marketing?

It’s a question asked by many email marketers. It doesn’t matter if they’ve been doing email for a while, or if they’re completely new when it comes to email marketing.

My answer?

Well, to put it simply, how often do you want to get paid?

If you want to get paid every single day, then this is the email formula you need to use:

1) Write an email that provides value to your email list.

2) Make sure it also offers entertainment to your email list.

3) Make sure you pitch your products and services in every single email you send.

4) Send your daily email to your email list.

5) Get paid.

There. That’s all.

A very simple email marketing formula.

Yet brutally effective.

And as you would have seen by “number 3”, you should be pitching your products and services every single time you write to your email list – which should be every day.

Now, you’re probably thinking this will be overkill.

You’re probably worried the people on your email list will just get annoyed with you pitching to them every day.

And, yes, they would get annoyed if you pitched them every day without giving them any value first.

But if you follow the formula, then you absolutely will be providing them both value and entertainment in every single email you send. So by the time you then pitch your products and services, people on your email list will genuinely be excited to take a look at what you’re selling.


Two reasons…

First, because you’ve already proven to them that you know what you’re talking about (with the value aspect).

Second, because they actually like you as a person (as a result of the entertainment aspect).

Of course, not everyone will like you.

But that’s fine. You can’t be all things to all people, anyway.

But if you follow this email marketing tip, then you’ll make a lot more money.

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