How Many Free Offers And How Many Paid Offers You Should Send To Your Subscribers


When you build up an opt-in list of email subscribers and you send messages to those subscribers, there are basically two kinds of messages you can send to those people. You can send them free information, free downloads or free offers. The other kind of email you can send is a paid offer, a link to go get something to buy. The issue is how often do you send free offers and how often do you send paid offers to make sure you make as much money as possible but also don’t lose your subscribers in the first place?

When someone is brand new to your list, the best way to get them on your list is to offer something for free. The best thing to send them during those first seven days when they are your subscriber is to remind that new subscriber that they did sign up to get something for free and here is the link to get it.

I see far too many email marketers send new subscribers a new free gift every single day. Some have gone as far as sending a new subscriber a different gift every day for 30 days straight. Not only is this confusing for your subscriber and overwhelming, it also puts you in the friend zone. You become that marketer that is only there to provide them with free content and they won’t buy from you.

The other extreme is where marketers gets someone on their list and they send them a brand new paid offer, a different thing to buy every day for 30 days. And as you can imagine, this has the same effect. The subscriber gets overwhelmed because there are so many links to click, so many things to look at and so many things to buy.

So what you should do is blend the two. What I mean by that is when you have some offer to send to someone, give them value in the email itself. Share them an important tip, give them advice and if they like your advice then they can click on that offer in the bottom of your email.

One other thing to keep in mind when you have email marketing campaigns is to repeat your offer for several days. It is okay to send someone a reminder about the link you provided to them yesterday. You don’t have to send someone a different free or paid offer every day for 30 days. You can send them the same offer every day for a week or two without getting them mad as long as you state your intentions upfront.

So when you build a list, don’t send just free offers and don’t send just paid offers. Mix your content and your pitch and take more time to launch products. Tell someone about that free offer, send them a reminder every day for a week or two before moving on to that next free or paid offer.

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