How Email Marketing Can Help Wedding Photographers


And the photographer has to do all this while absorbing advice from all corners, navigating the emotional minefield of the wedding day and adjusting on the fly whenever something goes wrong, all while remaining as unobtrusive as possible. Then of course there are the post-wedding day activities; sifting through all the photographs, finding the best ones and putting together the perfect wedding album.

With all the tasks at hand, it’s easy for the wedding photographer to overlook marketing efforts. But word of mouth isn’t the only way for a photographer to generate more business. Email marketing for wedding photographers is a great way to land new clients and build lasting connections.

The relationship between wedding photographers and email marketing spans multiple platforms. It can begin with something as old-fashioned as putting a clipboard at the entrance of the reception hall and soliciting email addresses from wedding guests. The photographer can encourage people to sign up if they are impressed with his or her work and/or if they are planning their own wedding and want a quote on photography services.

Of course, email marketing for wedding photographers really thrives on more modern means of communication! The photographer’s website should include a prompt for people to submit their email address. If a photographer has a Facebook page or a Twitter account, he or she can invite visitors to submit their email address to ensure they stay up-to-date on the latest news and information.

All that said, the best thing about email marketing for wedding photographers is the all-in-one capability such a program provides. These messages-which can be timed to go out as often or as infrequently as necessary-should be chock full of information about the photographer and his or her studio. Include links to the website as well as samples of previous work and client testimonials. The photographer should also include a schedule along one side of the email (just listing generalities, such as the town or county in which the wedding is being held) to let people know he or she is in demand.

Email marketing software also allows these messages to be easily forwarded to other interested parties. While traditional word of mouth remains a valuable advertising and marketing tool, email marketing for wedding photographers provides an unmatched opportunity to quickly land business. Someone could send the email to a friend and the photographer could have a new client in mere hours.

In addition, the software necessary to implement a wedding photographer’s email marketing program is inexpensive to obtain and very easy to install and manage. There’s no need for a photographer to reduce his or her profits by hiring someone else to handle the software.

Email marketing for wedding photographers allows these talented chroniclers to inform the largest audience possible of their talents. Look into this marriage today!

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