How Email Marketing Can Help Ski Resorts


But generating business is a 12-month-a-year job for ski resort owners, who need to lure repeat customers for next winter and for many ski seasons thereafter. Email marketing for ski resorts is a great and inexpensive way for these establishments to “spread the word!”

A ski resort’s email marketing program can run in seamless conjunction with a resort’s website. Invite visitors to submit their email address with a visible and prominent prompt on the home page. This is doubly advantageous to resorts, because while it’s fairly easy to lure a potential skier to the website via a simple Google search, it’s tough to get the person back once it’s time for him or her to whittle down the list of potential destinations and eventually make reservations for a trip.

But with email marketing, the resorts can ensure they remain on the minds of potential skiers and customers. Sending regular messages with information about the resort and its deals as well as pictures of people enjoying themselves at the resort is a great way to get people to think over what they are missing as well as to provide them a taste of the experience they’ll enjoy if they go to the resort!

Ski resorts and email marketing is also an essential relationship these days because there is no more direct way to reach a target audience. Newspaper ads are shrinking, which makes it more likely that they will be ignored or overlooked by skiers. And most resorts don’t have the budget for television or radio ads, most of which would be ignored anyway by consumers who begin channel surfing as soon as commercials air.

Email marketing for ski resorts delivers the message straight to the consumer most likely to take advantage of the offers and invitations advertised. The software also allows for quick personalization and customization of messages, which will increase the odds that the messages will be read by the intended parties. In addition, it is easy to forward these emails on to other interested family and friends, which could translate into big business for a resort.

The software is also inexpensive to purchase and easy to install and manage by anyone with computer experience, which means the entire campaign, from start to finish, fits into the budget of any resort.

Simply put, no other means of marketing can reach as many people, with as minimal an investment, as an email marketing campaign. Don’t go any further into this ski season without laying the foundation for success this year and for many years to come. Begin a campaign of email marketing for ski resorts today!

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