How Email Marketing Can Help Hairdressers


So while hairdressers are doing well, they have to remain aggressive with advertising efforts in order to stay on top. But few, if any, hairdressers have the budget to advertise on television or the radio. Plus, the popularity of newspapers is fading fast, so they’re not the optimal place for hairdressers to spend their advertising dollars.

The good news, though, is the best advertising solution for hairdressers is only a few dollars and a few clicks of the mouse away-email marketing for hairdressers! This method combines affordability and ease of use to make it an essential component for all hairdressers, beauticians and salon owners.

Email marketing for hairdressers takes little effort to implement and maintain. It can begin by merely inviting patrons to write down their email address on a clipboard at the salon. Let patrons know that they can receive updates about their favorite hairdresser and stay informed about what is going on at the salon. People will be happy to volunteer their email address because they’ll recognize that email marketing, for hairdressers, is a far more effective means of communication than multiple phone calls back and forth to schedule, confirm, cancel or inquire about sales, discounts, and promotions.

In addition, the software is quite inexpensive and can be handled by anyone with even the most minimal amount of training. Hairdressers don’t have to worry about spending hours of free time at home working on email campaigns-hairdressers and email marketing is a relationship that can require just a few minutes at the salon, where the hairdresser can take advantage of some down time to input email addresses and execute effective email campaigns.

Hairdressers and email marketing is also a good fit because email marketing allows users to “stagger” their messages so that they arrive with predictable, yet far from overbearing, regularity. Many people like to get a haircut once a month. The hairdresser can send out emails at certain intervals-say, twice per month-that ensures these messages land in an inbox just when someone is thinking of getting a haircut.

Along those lines, while few people associate reading an email with making an impulse buy, email marketing for hairdressers will generate plenty of impromptu walk-up business. Perhaps a client knows he or she is overdue for a haircut, or has to get one for a family function, but has been putting it off. What better way to inspire that person to get up and head to the hairdresser than with a personalized email that provides a gentle and friendly reminder that the hairdresser is waiting with a smiling face?

Business is good for hairdressers but it can always be better. Email marketing for hairdressers will distinguish an individual or salon from the competition and help keep his or her busy all day long!

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