How Email Marketing Can Help Established Touring Musicians


But what about those established acts who are no longer able to headline arenas-which is just about everyone else? For every Madonna or Bruce Springsteen, each of whom can sell out arenas and stadiums in minutes, there are hundreds of “heritage” acts who had a few hits from the 1960s through the 1990s but whose 15 minutes of fame were considerably shorter.

Now, decades later, these acts play smaller theatres and amphitheatres, either on their own or as part of a bang-for-your-buck package tour. But how can they promote these concerts and tours? Email marketing for established touring musicians is a perfect way to spread the word.

Among the many advantages of email marketing for established touring musicians is how inexpensive and easy such an operation is to operate. The software necessary is quite affordable, which is vital considering most of these acts must minimize their overhead and expenditures. In addition, this software can be installed and overseen by anyone with computer experience.

More importantly, email marketing for established touring musicians provides these entertainers an all-in-one message that is delivered straight to the target audience. Even if placing ads in the newspaper or on television and/or radio were a legitimate option for these artists, it’s still possible that readers, viewers and listeners could easily overlook or ignore the ad.

But from the personalization options that grab the reader’s attention as soon as he or she receives the message to the embedded videos that can whet the appetite of potential concertgoers, for established touring musicians, an email marketing campaign will engage and entertain. A reader is more likely to open a message with a salutation referring to him or her by first name. An established touring musicians’ message can also include a list of quick-hit information that makes it easy for fans to stay updated on the band, including tour dates, discography and information on a new release.

And when it comes to marketing musicians, there’s no better way to keep a reader’s attention than with videos of the band performing, either in concert or in a music video. Studies show email marketing messages which include a video that can be viewed within the body of the message can raise the conversion rates for the company sending the message by as much as 50 percent. Simply put, email marketing for established touring musicians that includes a video can be the difference between a concert played to a half-empty establishment and one played to a full house.

When it comes to publicizing their concerts, the old standbys for most musicians will not suffice these days. Instead, it’s easier and more cost-effective to tap into an enthusiastic audience with email marketing for established touring musicians!

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