How Email Marketing Boosts ROI


The return on investment (ROI) through emails is a lot more than by any other means, be it keyword ads or banner ads. It is because of this reason that almost 67% of all organizations prefer using emails that bring as much as $40 for every dollar that is spent on them, whereas, the banners and the keywords bring only about $2 and $17 respectively, on the same amount.

Three main aspects need to be focused on at the time of marketing by means of emails. These three aspects include behavioral targeting, deliverability and the acquisition of emails.

Aspects of Behavioral Tagging
The geographical or demographic targeting techniques are preferred to the concept of behavioral targeting, as the latter is much more complex. If you make use of the concept of behavioral targeting in order to send mails, you can attain heavy gains in your revenue for each sent mail. There are some ideas that are involved in case of the behavioral targeting technique that include the purchase behaviors, the non-purchase behaviors and the email behaviors. The first idea will help, if you have already made a purchase from the marketers previously. The next idea is needed, if you are new and aim at arousing your interest on some abandoned purchase or providing feedback on the possible reasons that resulted in the failure of your purchases. The email behavior is a simpler method as it mainly deals with some special offers or some loyalty offers, if you are one who opens emails seldom or frequently respectively.

Aspects of Deliverability
The delivery of the emails has always been a critical issue as it has been found from some reports that one mail in every five emails you send never reaches the intended recipient. They can neither be found in the spam nor in the inbox of the recipient. A campaign has hence been launched that results in a 25% increase in the response. For the purpose of deliverability, some experts want to make sure of some basic ideas that might yield better results. You need to make sure, how often the subscribers wish to receive their emails, as marking emails as spam or reporting them to anti-spam institutions might hamper your reputation. Always keep it as easy and simple as possible to unsubscribe, because lodging complaints or declaration as spam hurts badly. You should make sure that the emails do not contain any coding errors or spammy words that could set off the content filters. It is essential to monitor the delivery of the emails by means of a seed list. It is safer to use the best domains in order to make accounts and add them to their list for every single campaign.

Aspects of Acquisition Mail
Offering something valuable to the customers in an appealing and creative way from you, is important in order to make a good impression on the customers. The proper choice of targets for the email recipients is very essential. The old concept of sending emails to a large number of people with the hope that some will respond is no longer in practice. Now-a-days mails are sent to a selected few who might well be interested. You should ascertain that the emails that you send contains proper and clear information along with valid “unsubscribe” links in order to show proper respect to the prospects of the mail. The content of the email should be well chosen and clearly written for the recipients to understand easily and avoid any kind of confusion. In order to maintain a good technical reputation you need to make sure of the fact that the emails reach the right people and provide valid and necessary information regarding your products and services.

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