How Does Google Analytics Software Work?


Search engine marketing has become one of the key marketing techniques used today along with viral social media marketing. Google being the largest search engine in the word provides majority of the internet based traffic for websites through search engine optimization.

Google has developed the analytics software as one of its core products to assist webmasters in their marketing efforts online, although very powerful this software is also free to use. It works by allowing you to place a tracking code into your site and then it analyzes the incoming traffic sources and giving you complete breakdown of all avenues which your website receives traffic.

It allows you to see three main components

(1)Search Engines-Keyword related traffic

(2)Referring sites- These are websites which people found your site from by clicking on a text link or banner which is located on the source site.

(3)Direct Traffic- This refers to the person who came onto your site by typing your website address into the browser.

These are the three main traffic source areas, you can build traffic and popularity by exchanging links with other established sites that already have a lot of traffic and you will see an improvement in the Referring sites area, The more sites you link to is the more potential incoming traffic. These links which feed traffic into your site are called back links and by increasing the amount of back links as well as the quality of sites which you link to improves your overall page rank and allow your site to climb to the top of search results on yahoo and Google.

This in effect improves your results in the search engines section which shows you what keywords persons searched for on the internet to locate your site. Google Analytics is also very useful in assisting with your Google ad sense or pay per click advertising income efforts. A map overlay is given which gives a breakdown of all geographical locations of your visitors, what country, city or state. It allows you to see what areas on your page the visitors are clicking on more heavily to allow you to find better placements for your AdSense banner to earn more revenue etc.

The content overview section allows you to study the behavioral patterns of your visitors, for example lets say you site has 20 categories it will tell you what percentage of the visitors are clicking on each section. This will give you an idea of what areas you visitors are most interested in. If you provide more content in the areas with the highest click percentages, this will improve your overall traffic as visitors will be coming back for more of the content which they find highly attractive. This follows the rule of supply demand, provide more high quality content which is in demand and it will improve the value of your site. You may even find that you site will also receive some word of mouth marketing as well from your satisfied visitors.

Google analytics also allows you to see how many page visits as well as unique visitors you receive daily, the bounce rate represents the percentage of viewers who came to your first page only before coming off your site. Overall it is a very useful tool which can help in your marketing and also incoming generating efforts online.

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