How Do the Search Engines Perform Their Rankings?


Most companies are fairly open about a lot of the ways in which they conduct their business. However at a certain point you run into their “secret sauce” and that is not disclosed. This is what happened with the search engines and how they conduct a lot of their ranking. Google, Yahoo, and they are the top three search engines in the world and they keep a tight lid on the mechanisms in which they rank websites.

There appear to be some commonality and how each of the search engines rank websites, but it may be that the website rank very highly in one search engine and not in the other. It also may be that some rank highly for certain keywords in Google but not in Yahoo. They definitely have different algorithms and how they rank websites overall.

Here are a few common threads for rankings that we know. We know that if a website is older and not brand-new that gets credibility in the eyes of the search engines. Kind of like an older wine, that “aging” is preferential as it means the domain is not a “fly by night” phenomenon. However, if the site is simply a domain name and that domain name is over five years old but there’s really no website it does not get nearly as much credibility as it would have if there’s been content and traffic over those five years.

Google updates their algorithm over 300 times annually. Some of these updates are large while others are either minimal such as a foreign language issue in one of the foreign Google search engines in other countries and are not relevant to US business.

This year Google came out with a major algorithm change called the “panda update”. This update changed significantly a few things such as now Google really wants content to be flowing through websites that it ranks highly. It also ranks video much higher than it ever did before. Google bought YouTube years ago and now is pushing it more and more for site rankings.

In addition, it is still important that websites have targeted keyword back linking to get credibility with search engines and that can lead to a high Page Rank on Google.

There are certain components that we know help a website rank higher for targeted keywords such as the domain name itself. If the company is trying to rank highly for search terms such as Sacramento Plastic Surgery, and the name of the website that happen to be “” that it can be really really helpful for search engine rankings.

In order to rank highly in search engines for competitive keywords it takes a lot of time and effort and it would be best to hire a search engine marketing firm. That way, you can do what you do that and leave the Internet marketing up to the professionals. Before you know it, you will be benefiting from Internet with an excellent return on investment.

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