How an Email Newsletter Could Benefit Your Business


Custom-designed HTML email newsletters can be a really effective and economical method of reaching your client base. Here are 10 reasons why you should scrap those plain text emails you’ve been sending your clients (hands up – who’s guilty?) and get yourself a lovely html email designed instead:

1) TAILORED – They can be perfectly tailored to complement your existing business branding, by incorporating logos, colour schemes and style.

2) AWARENESS – Strengthen awareness. Remind clients about your business whilst reinforcing their already positive opinion, and bring yourself to the attention of potential new clients, by informing them of whom you are and what you do whilst subtly gaining their trust.

3) TARGETED – Using a sign-up system where people can manually request to receive your newsletters can be a successful way of targeting those who have already demonstrated an active interest in your company. As such, they are more likely to take notice of your well-designed email newsletter. It is very easy to get a sign-up box added to your website, and a homepage is the obvious ideal location. Gaining email addresses via this method can take a while, so another option available is to purchase a pre-prepared list containing relevant email contacts, which are available from various marketing organisations.

4) TRAFFIC – Increase traffic to your website. Email newsletters can be embedded with numerous ‘call to action’ links which click through directly to the relevant pages on your website, and these need to be carefully positioned to achieve optimum response. You can also include links to any business social network accounts you may have, e.g. Facebook and Twitter.

5) MEMORABLE – A custom designed email newsletter can be extremely engaging, informative, colourful and, ultimately, memorable! It will help ensure that a potential client remembers your business for all the right reasons.

6) PROFESSIONAL – They are so much more professional and credible than a bog-standard text email. An email newsletter that is professionally designed will instantly give a sense that you are a reputable company and this will gain trust for your business.

7) VERSATILE – They are very versatile in that email newsletters can contain information regarding new products, special and exclusive offers, articles and blogs, competitions, reviews, member events, and so much more that the list is almost endless.

8) SEASONAL – Think of just how many season-related events there are throughout the year: Christmas and New Year, Bank Holidays, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s and Father’s Day, and Halloween, to name but a few, and many of these can be related to your business and used as a theme in an email newsletter. Plus 2012 has a few additional exciting events taking place in the UK, namely the London 2012 Olympic Games and The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Both are the perfect excuse to think up some interesting promotions and let your customers know about them via an email newsletter.

9) MEASURABLE – You can measure the response to your emails using delivery statistics, which are usually provided in your email broadcast system’s control panel. There are a number of online broadcasters available who provide this service, such as iContact, VerticalResponse and SimplyCast. This can be a helpful tool when analysing the success of and comparing your campaigns, enabling you to notice any patterns and establish which methods are working best for you.

10) AFFORDABLE – Previously you may have been put off getting an email newsletter custom designed for fear that it will cost a small fortune, but they can actually be quite reasonably priced, especially if you ask for the design to be produced as an editable template. For example, if you were to use an email template 12 times over a year, the average cost is then reduced dramatically. And you never know, if someone likes it enough they may even forward it on to a friend!

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