How a Digital Agency Can Put Your Website in the Spotlight


Despite the poor economic climate the internet remains a real growth area, with countless people turning to the web to start up their own online business. So, you are online, you have a website and a Facebook Page and you are all set for business. But what happens when the visitors don’t come flooding in?

Think of it like this… if your website cannot be found then it might as well not exist. This might sound a little harsh but a website without visitors is useless, no matter how great it looks and how competitive your products and services are. So what can you do to get your website noticed?

Marketing, Marketing, Marketing…

Your website needs to be marketed in order to be noticed. Many website owners recognise this but struggle with the execution; after all, marketing is a skill and requires time, effort and more often than not financial resources. Even if you have a marketing background you may still struggle with the online marketing and this is where the services of a digital agency may help your business.

Online marketing including Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is still quite a dark art. It is rarely taught in schools and colleges and many webmasters have perfected their craft by working hard on their own websites, testing various SEO strategies and generally dancing the “Google Dance” for years. And what these webmasters have discovered are that some tactics can give your website a huge boost in the search engines, others can get you banned from Google’s index altogether. If you cannot afford the time to study online marketing in its various forms then seek out a good SEO agency that can get your website noticed.

When approaching a Digital Agency you should always seek to learn more about their past work credentials. Ask for a client list and a handful of customer testimonials to see what other people are (or are not) saying about the service they provided. You should also try and remember than no two websites are the same, meaning no two marketing strategies should be the same. If the agency only wants to offer you an “out of the box” package you should be wary – a bespoke service which changes month on month will be far more beneficial for your website and will fit within your budget far easier.

Using a digital agency, regardless of whether you are a sole trader or a multinational PLC, need not be daunting. Find an agency that “gets” your website and what it is that you are trying to achieve with it, whether that be sales, sign-ups or just to gain a loyal following of readers and don’t be afraid to ask questions at any step of the way. With the right agency you will see your website creep up the search engines, delivering you those oh-so valuable visitors as exposure grows.

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