Here’s 5 Simple Ways To Email Marketing That Will Guarantee Your Success


Email marketing is a new and upcoming trend in the online marketing world, although countless companies have utilized it for years – small businesses are often intimidated at the very thought of starting their own opt-in list. It seems daunting, it seems foreign and yet email marketing is probably one of the most cost effective online marketing practices currently offered.

For any business initially starting out, it is important to understand a few key points about email marketing if you want your company to build a successful following and database.

1) Keep Email Marketing in Plain Sight

The last thing your client wants to see is a pre-checked box, mandatory email submission or other sneaky looking tool that requires them to give out an email address – before ever looking at a single page. Although many companies swear by them, it’s a sure fire way to have increased returned, blocked or unopened emails on your list – completely removing the target from your audience. The main goal with email marketing is to keep your clientele targeted on your specific services. Don’t host a parenting website and offer them an animal filled newsletter or sales page – they probably won’t like it.

2) In All Email Marketing Give Them Something Useful

The easiest way to get a potential client or customer to hand over their email, is offer something incredible for nothing. Think outside the box with an irresistible offer (think free eBook, report or incredible coupon.) Prompt the curiosity in them by wanting to see what that freebie really is, and get them to part with their least private information – their email.

3) Format Your Email Marketing for Success

Always make sure your email marketing materials are beneficial to both you and your users. Provide each user with an easy to read opt-out instruction (you don’t want users on your list that don’t want to be there anyway), clear purchasing instructions including anchor text and proper page slicing, include a thank you page and make every bit of your email count. Save the incredible imaging, sound effects and videos for your sales page, not your newsletter.

Keep your email marketing materials clean, coordinated color schemes and pleasant. Avoid high bounce rates by keeping your offer materials low-key. Keep your email subjects brief, personal and to the point without being sales oriented. Stop trying to sell the product before the email’s ever opened – the easiest way to have an email deleted is with a spam-filled subject.

4) Keep Email Marketing Short and Simple

The easiest way to lose a sale is with highly technical jargon the average consumer isn’t going to understand. Use simple text and terms to keep most of your readers engaged, while throwing in some technical (if needed) terminology to keep your more tech-savvy subscribers satisfied. Make sure your messages are only as long as they need to be, never drag out or fluff up an email –EVER.

5) Test Your Email Marketing

Always make sure to test your marketing materials on different browsers, and in different formats. Before blasting out your newsletter, send it to yourself and try opening it on different browsers. Check to make sure the compatibility for Mac and PC are both equal and make sure to always provide an HTML base or text only format depending on the audience base.

Following these 5 simple but effective email marketing steps, any business can have increased open rates, higher conversions and improved copies instantly.

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