Have Social Media Replaced Email Marketing?


A recent study done by Prompt Communications in Boston concluded that Facebook has replaced emailing as a way of staying in touch with friends: 96% used Facebook, followed by 93% using texting and 91% using emailing. However, Comm100. only one of the large companies with their hand on the advertising pulse of that medium, argues that email marketing is not only alive and well but superior to all other types of marketing-including social. Repeated studies and surveys by Comm100 along with numerous companies on top marketers repeatedly demonstrate that email marketing has the best return on investment.


Several reasons:

  1. Close to three billion email messages are sent each day. While it is true that many of these messages are sent from and retrieved via smart phones, iPads and other new technology of the 21st century, readers are accessing their email-at least some of it.
  2. The social networks seem to phase in and phase out; not too many years ago, MySpace was the rage. People do change from Twitter to LinkedIn to Facebook and Google+ seemingly on a whim but they tend to keep their email address. After all, it’s annoying to change email addresses so we do that only when we’re forced to.
  3. The messaging done via social media and through email is substantially different. Here is what I mean by that statement. Once a marketer has the email address of a customer, she can get a message into that customer’s inbox. The message will stay there until the customer acts on the message or deletes it. However, posting messages on the social network platforms requires that the customer be logged in at the time the message is sent or the message is lost.
  4. The social networks seem to work best for promoting brands by being “liked” or posted on the Wall. But they tend not to be the place where purchases are made.
  5. Still, a comprehensive email marketing plan should definitely target those social media users.

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