Guidelines for Writing The Best Email Copy and Subject Lines


To write the BEST copy for your follow-up e-mail, you need to use these Guidelines.

Map out your offer on paper. Take notes, have all the details BEFORE you begin.

Get the answers to every one of these questions…

1. What is the TARGET Audience?
2. What is in it for “Them”?
3. What is the Urgency?
4. What are the Compelling Benefits?
5. What Length will the Copy Be?
6. What is the Call to Action?
7. Which Links are to be Included?
8. Who is the email’s Sender?
9. What contact information will be used?
10. What will the extra Benefit (BRIBE) in the P.S. be?
11. Restate your Biggest Benefit and include a Bonus or Two!

The Call to Action:
Click here now to Learn More…
Click here now to sign up/subscribe
Click here now to follow the link
Visit my website @___________ for more information.

Be sure to State: What…you want the reader to do!

On the Website: Complete the Sale, Overcome Objections and Build the
Value of your offer with Details and Benefits.

Always Generate Excitement and Curiosity with your Benefits.

Do your Selling on the Website, not in the email you send.

“Hypnotize the Reader” Grab their Attention with Compelling Benefits.

Use informal speech, vocabulary at the 6th grade level and use their first name.

When you finish writing, set the copy aside, and come back to it in an hour or so!

Then, you scan it to see how EASY it is to read Quickly. (10 seconds) It must Grab your attention in 10 seconds and cause you to want to read MORE!

If it doesn’t GRAB your attention and cause you to want to Learn More…Rewrite the copy with the Main Benefits, and be sure to Convince your reader to TAKE ACTION!

Now, the most IMPORTANT part of your Email!

The Subject Line. You should not use more than about 50 characters in a Subject Line. If you can use 35 to 40 characters, you will have a better chance of the email being opened.

There is even more likely hood of opens when you use their First Name in the Subject Line and keep the email short and to the point.

Remember you will be doing your SELLING on your Website!

Always relate the Subject Line to the Content of the Email message.

If you can’t grab them with your Subject Line…they won’t open your Email. No Opens = No Sales! Simple as that. Make the Subject Line Affect them Personally, because you MUST make the reader WANT to read your message.

Don’t let the BEST Part of a Subject Line be “cut off”, four or five words, including their first name is a good limit to your Subject Line.

Don’t use all CAPS in a Subject Line, it may be thought of as SPAM or shouting. Also, no! or $ signs in your Subject Lines.

The reader may ask themselves….What’s In It For Me or So What? or Why should I open this Email? So,be sure to have the answers in the Email.

Good Email Copy will…
1. Make an Announcement/News,
2. Leave some Curiosity,
3. Have a sense of Urgency,
4. Show the Biggest Benefits (Save Money or Time).

The Key to your Email is…How will they benefit from reading, What will they learn, will it save them time or money, and How will it Improve their LIVES.

So, to wrap up this message:

Always relate your Subject Lines to your actual message’s Content.

Write compelling Subject Lines so people will WANT to Open and Read your Email.

Personalize with their first name, and don’t use all CAPS,!! or $$

Do Share News, Add Curiosity and a sense of Urgency and always show your Biggest Benefits!

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