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Not sure on what step to take after creating and selling your low-end (ebooks) and middle-end (CD series) information products? Well, I suggest that you create another product that can address the changing needs of your target audience. My tip is to add email coaching programs to your product line.

In a way, email coaching is similar to writing and selling ebooks. The only difference is you’ll provide comprehensive program and that would mean offering your clients with more in-depth, complete information and more assistance. People who are signing up to these programs are paying hundreds of dollars and they expect to learn certain skills or get in-depth knowledge at the end of the program.

Here’s how you can create your first email coaching program:

First, know the topics/subjects for your program. As you’ll be charging your clients for hundreds of dollars, you need to ensure that you’ll talk about subjects that they’ll find extremely useful and interesting. They’ll most likely to sign up if your programs can bring difference to their lives. People these days invest on hiring coaches who can help them improve the quality of their lives, help them with making career change decision, help them in managing their finances, or help in improving their relationship with their spouse or children.

Know the demand. Before you continue, do your research and know if there’s a demand for your email coaching programs. How many people are actually interested and capable of buying your offerings? How many coaches are offering the same program? You’ll need to know this as more competition means slimmer chances of making decent sales.

Plan ahead. List down all the topics and sub topics that you’re going to cover. This will help you determine ahead of time the number of emails that you’re going to send and the length of your programs. Then, decide on the exact information and assistance you’re going to offer per session. Depending on what you would like to achieve, you can offer in-depth explanation followed by how-to guides. If you’re trying to help your clients learn skills, you can also offer them video presentations to give them step-by-step guide.

Get feedback. Before you offer your coaching programs online, I suggest that you get other people to see them first. Let them take your program for free. In return, they’ll give you feedback, comments, and suggestions. Do necessary revisions and ensure that your programs are perfect before you offer them to your paying customers.

Offer additional assistance. You need to impress your clients all the way. So, find ways on how you can be of help to them. For example, you can offer them weekly phone consultation where they can discuss their difficulties and where they can ask you some questions. These are the things that you can do to make your clients extremely happy. When you do this, these people will have valid reason to come back should you decide to offer other type of coaching programs (phone or one-on-one coaching) and who knows, they might even recommend your services to their friends and family members.

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