GUI Widgets for Internet Web Search


A toolbar (TB) is a GUI widget with onscreen buttons, icons, menus and other elements. Those applied as internet browser plug-ins are generally used for additional search fields like those from Google and Yahoo which are free, and are most often used for web search, news updates, personalization and entertainment. They are different from menu bars in a few ways because they show only the most commonly used commands, while menu bars present all of the available high-level commands within a program.

The commands take effect immediately, but menu commands often require additional input. TB commands require a single click, but menu bars demand navigation through the menu. The space that a toolbar uses on a screen is not flexible, while menu bar commands generally remain hidden, allowing for an unlimited number of commands. Toolbars usually use icon-based commands while menu bars use text-based ones.

Each TB has its own range of operations, but almost all of them feature quick links, search tools and games. The featured search box shortens the web search process by allowing the user to conduct a search from whatever web page he is currently on, without having to visit the search engine’s home page. Users can create their own toolbar buttons and links by selecting news feeds, sports updates, weather reports, and malware detection, all of which will be concentrated in small area of the browser screen.

Most users enjoy personalizing their computer screen, cursor, and even their emails. As internet services become more advanced and diverse, many people are drifting away from the generic toolbars. Some experts believe that over the next few years,

TB’s will be used for only a few select things, as opposed to their use in navigating more general web experiences up until now. For example, a person may install a TB which features the real-time scores of NFL games. This approach may or may not be correct. Only time will tell.

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