Great Ways for Ecommerce Companies to Optimize Their Checkout Page


A checkout page is where customers choose payment and shipping options in an ecommerce website. After choosing few items to the shopping cart, the next move is the checkout page to complete the purchase. It is that section of your site that determines if your customers should really trust your business. And as about 68% of ecommerce visitors abandon their shopping cart, you need to avoid this incident by optimizing the checkout page. Here are great ways to do that!

Tip #1: Maximize Speed

Every page in your website must be user-friendly. As the checkout page is the end before a customer closes a deal and bids good bye to your site, ensure all required details are shown in just one page. The buyer should be enlightened with all his purchases, which he may decide to pay or not.

When you design your ecommerce website, have each page run in tremendous speed so customers are satisfied with its work flow. Every product you are offering must be located on designated pages that are easy to find. As customers leave personal details, you can expect fewer questions or comments from them as things are best explained in your site.

Tip #2: Establish Trust from Potential Consumers

You have to understand that there are a million websites that sell similar products like you do. To assure visitors that your site is different and stand out from the others, ensure you have installed safe and reliable ecommerce software and merchant account. Before customers close the deal, allow them to see an optimized checkout page to finish the purchases.

To draw attention and establish trust from users, your website must be fast, accurate and user-friendly. All information shown in the website is verifiable. It provides customers options to leave vital information such as name, address, contact details and credit card information. They are very satisfied with your products as they know they have secured it from a trusted dealer.

Tip #3: Engage in Great Visuals

When a customer drops by a retail store, he usually sees the product and how it can be used. If it is something new to him, he would ask information about it from a salesperson. This should have him decide whether to add the product to his shopping cart or not.

This concept should be applicable to your online store. A customer should be guided on what to buy through nice visual aids. It may be difficult to include videos in an ecommerce website, but it allows customers to have a better view of your products. If it is not a video, you can show them quality pictures, good descriptions with the best price. When they become familiar with your products, they have reason to add these products to the shopping cart, move to the checkout page, and finally buy it.

Tip #4: Voluntary Registration to Your Website

Leave options for customers to register or join your site. Have checkout pages isolated from other pages in your site. You may disable navigation in this section to provide them options. For some reason, there are customers who wish to purchase your products only as a guest and not as a member of your site. Create an option to make them join your site or if they want to only buy the products they choose. If you don’t force your buyers to register, they will like your site and probably decrease chances of having them abandon their purchases.

Tip #5: Reach your Customers on Any Device

The technology of today has made various devices reach the online market. To increase revenues, you may wish to configure your virtual business to fit any mobile device at hand. The computer and laptop may be useful and convenient resources to purchase products from the Web. So why not increase marketability of your products in tablets and smart phones. This then will draw more buyers to your site. However you have to ensure you are selling high quality products so you get recognized by people.

There are even more tips to help you optimize your checkout page. You will learn to know more about these once you work 24/7 with your website. Just be transparent all throughout the work flow of your virtual business. When you do it, customers will patronize your products, like working on the checkout page, and probably return for more. And this means generating more income for the company.

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