Google Search Engine Loves Fast Loading Website


Getting Google love is the key to a website or online business’s success in the world of the 21st Century. Without a Google listing you can pretty much write off the future of your site. But in order to climb the ranks and get noticed by the millions of users across the world who are looking for pages just like yours, you have to make sure that the proverbial house is in order. This means harnessing progressive marketing and technology to set your site apart as one that is with the current trends. If you are uncertain of how to pull this off, read on!

Start with content. What your site does to draw in and keep readers is the most important factor in scaling to the top of Google’s listings. You must find a balance between quality and quantity if you hope to succeed in this regard. Quality means delivering the type of content that people want to experience. It doesn’t have to be confined to print articles either. If you can integrate more technology into the mix, then you show a professional image that stands out from the rest of the competing sites within your specific industry. But it’s not enough to simply offer good information in a variety of forms. You must also do it with regularity, so that Google knows you are a live, dynamic site with a future. Once you have covered these two vital areas, it is time to think about technology.

People think that if they have great content their site will win out in the end. While this may be true, you certainly improve your chances by staying on top of the latest technologies and security standards. Google not only loves sites with great content, it loves sites that do not take as long to load. Data transfer rates are getting more and more efficient, and if your platform is changing along with it, then you can do far more with your site in a shorter amount of time. Outdated scripts and programming languages can cause extremely slow loads, even on high speed connections, and when that happens, user popularity goes down. When the users revolt, so does Google, and it becomes harder for new people to find you.

High search engine rankings translate to greater earnings. Without Google, you could find yourself on page three or four for your targeted keywords, and that is like a kiss of death to any site owner, who is on a tight schedule toward profitability. Before you take such decisions lightly, it is important to realize how each works together for the success of your website. When you’re firing on all cylinders, Google will show you the love, and success will be just around the corner.

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