Google Places Optimization for Small Business – 4 Simple Steps


Google Places Optimization for small business is one of the most effective things that you can do for your small business’ on-line presence. Optimizing your Google Places listing is important for your small business as Google is the most popular search engines and making sure your free listing there gets ranked highly on Google for local searches. These high rankings will certainly lead to more traffic to your website and therefore more customers for your business.

To optimize Google Places for your small business, here are 4 simple things that you can do quickly and easily:

  1. Claim your listing: You may see your listing on Google Places even if you have not put up a page there yet. Claim that listing and edit it to add the correct information about your business. To see if Google has created a Places listing for you, just search for your company’s name on Google. If you don’t find a listing, proceed to step.
  2. Create your listing: If you did not find any listing for your business in Local Places, create your own using a Gmail account that you want your business connected to. Add in all the appropriate information about your business including the phone number, address, and your location on Google Maps. If the search engine already has this information you will see a map show up after your correct address is submitted.
  3. Verify it: After creating Places listing and optimizing it, the next thing that you have to do is to verify it. Google needs to verify that you are the real business owner. They do this by either sending you a text message or, more likely, mailing you a postcard to the address you have provided. This postcard will have a PIN number on it. Usually, the postcard arrives after about 2 weeks. Once you receive it, you can start adding further information to your listing like photographs, services offered, discounts or coupons, and other information.
  4. Optimize your listing: After receiving the verification postcard, and inputting the information mentioned above, you should start doing some keyword research. This means researching the right keywords for your market that people are typing into the search engines when looking for your product or service. You can use Google’s keyword tool to find the most searched keywords for your niche. You should also use these same keywords in your website’s content such as your articles, title tags, and descriptions and any other content.

So there you go. Four simple tips and tricks on how you can optimize Google places for your small business. Doing this local search marketing task for your company can improve your exposure in local searches, where your customers are. Some of the same optimization techniques that you use on your actual website also apply to your Google Places listing. You should also list your business with as many local directories as possible. They are usually free and will enhance your overall visibility in the search engines.

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