Google Panda Creates Need For Original Content


The Google Panda update has websites scrambling for one thing – well written, original content. Many sites used to gain traffic by rewriting the same articles with slightly different keyword variations. The different keywords were picked up, but all the information was technically the same.

The latest algorithm changes to Google changed all the rules. Instead of looking at just keyword phrases, Google looks at the entire article. Too many rewrites are bound to have similarities. Basically, this just looks like duplicate content in Google’s eyes.

Google wants original content that keeps visitors coming back for more. While it is hard for content on some topics to be original, the angle is extremely important. While one site may have covered the topic from one perspective, your site could take a different perspective, providing a fresh turn on an old topic.

The way content is written is important. Instead of the typical keyword stuffed articles many sites are used to publishing, well researched, visitor friendly articles are what helps a site rank now. Keywords are still important, but not when they actually take away from the article or content.

Google Panda has given all websites a challenge. Write for visitors, not search engines. This frees up site owners to truly write for their audience. With so many still trying to figure out how to write for search engines, this is a major curve ball. The good news is, you don’t have to create original content on your own.

Professional copywriting services are more than willing to provide you with the content you need. Instead of you spending time researching content, you provide the details of what you are looking for, including your target audience, keywords and depth of detail. Articles are then written by a copywriter who is an expert in the topic.

All articles are researched carefully to make sure they are factually correct. Though copywriters are chosen based upon their skills to begin with, articles are then checked over by a professional editor to ensure quality. The result is high quality, original content that will win over Google.

You don’t have to erase all your hard work though. Copywriters can take your existing content and rework it until it is original and professional. Whether you need a few or regularly produced articles, professional copywriting cannot be beat. This is especially true when Google Panda has created such a need for original content.

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