Google Me, Baby!


Internet marketing and Google are almost synonymous.

Well, maybe not quite. But, if you are not utilizing Google and Google alerts in your internet marketing mix you’re missing out.

Google alerts aren’t actually an internet marketing tool but actually an internet marketing monitoring tool.

Let’s face it, the World Wide Web is a big, huge fish bowl. With that being said, how can you possibly know who’s blogging who, especially you? (or posting any type of content or comments about you or your business online).

The answer is Google alerts.

If you haven’t set any alerts yet, I urge you to do so immediately.

It’s quick, easy and free.

I know that sounds too good to be true but it’s not. And if you’re not taking full advantage of Google alerts, you could be missing out on what people are saying about your business, services and even you.

It’s important to keep up on this for a multitude of reasons. I’ll just assume you understand that.

I receive Google alerts for my name, business name and several industries of interest. Because of the alerts, I can easily monitor what’s happening on the internet and in the blogsphere pertaining to me.

If someone publishes an article I’ve written, mentions me in their blog or on their website, Google alerts let me know. And, I can respond appropriately by responding to blog or forum posts, sending a “thank you” to someone who has plugged my business or published one of my articles. By the way, this also helps boost your search engine rankings but that’s a topic for another article. Once daily, I receive my Google alerts delivered in email format straight to my inbox. I can then peruse them to see where I am showing up. It’s that easy. So go ahead, Google me, baby.

You’ll find pages of information. But what’s out there about you?

I suggest you set up a Google alert today, so you can find out tomorrow.

Discover step by step instructions and get your free alerts here

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