Google Maps – 5 Ways To Rank Higher In Google Maps


1-Do not load your title with keywords

According to Google’s own Quality Guidelines in the Local Business Center, the name of the company should be used in the title, not keywords, cities, or products. Your search ranking will be positively affected if your company name actually includes the city and keywords the business is targeting but don’t add the city JUST to include it. Titles that look spammy can cause Google to penalize a local listing and possible remove the listing entirely.

2- Use a local phone number

Using a toll free number in your Google Map Listing is likely to result in a penalty. To avoid this, list your local number – preferably the number you listed with the agency with which you filed your DBA. Google verifies your information with numerous sources, including those that are fed by county records offices that verify your contact information, address, and phone number. If your local listing record matches what Google finds, then will have a large positive impact on your listing. A local area code will have a positive impact on your ranking while using a toll free number exclusively will have a negative one.

3- Ensure your listing is complete

When you put your listing in Google’s Local Business Center, include as much detail as possible. Pictures, videos, hours of operation, and other details can also be included. After creating your listing, view the percentage of completion in the upper right hand side of the main Local Business Center page. If you have less than 100%, go back into the listing and edit it until you have as close to 100% completion as possible. Lots of good pictures and specific business details are always best.

4- Add coupons

A coupon will make your listing much more useful to the public and is likely that Google will give a bonus to your listing which will increase its rank. Adding multiple coupon offers is also suggested. One added bonus to the coupons is that they will increase your conversion rate. Google even supplies a coupon search in local business listings.

5- Always include your address and phone number in the contact page of your website

Be sure the address and phone number that you are using in your Local Business Center is the one prominently displayed on your website. Google will use the business address and phone number to validate your information and your listing will receive a validation bonus accordingly. This will also increase your list’s ranking.

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