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If you want Google first page results you need to be using article marketing techniques. This technique is especially useful to a beginning affiliate marketer whose budget is low. This technique doesn’t cost you anything to drive traffic to your website or sales page except time. The only drawback is that it is a slow process compared to pay-per-click. Once you have got the article marketing campaign up and running you can receive traffic from the articles you write today, months and even years down the road.

Let’s say that you are just starting from scratch and you want to be an affiliate marketer. I would suggest you get with a strong reputable training program that specializes in affiliate marketing and teaches article marketing. Be careful in this decision for it will be the footprint of your success or not. You need to make sure this school or training program has everything you will need to get your niche campaign going all under one roof. The training program should keep you focused because internet marketing can be very distracting and frustrating.

How do we get our articles on Google’s first page to drive maximum traffic?

  • I use long-tailed keywords (phrase) and I put the keyword in my title, first and last paragraph of the body of the article. Embolden these keywords and sometimes I use italics on the last keyword. Make your articles about 400 to 500 word long. I seem to have more success with this length versus 350. Your articles need to be unique and relevant to the title and avoid spinning your article to the submission site that I will suggest later.
  • Put your links in the bio or resource box and if you embed your links in the body use an anchor text that is relevant to your topic.
  • Always pre-edit your article before submission. Make sure you correct all grammar and spelling errors. Spelling errors makes you look like you didn’t take time to prepare your article for publishing or you can’t spell. You want your article to represent you as a professional.
  • Submit your article to a free submission site or directory. I suggest you submit your article to because it is the largest and most powerful sites in the eyes of Google. You are essentially using EzineArticles page rank to get your article at the top of Google’s search results of your keyword.

If you do these suggestions and any other tips that you have learned from your training program, you should get on Google’s first page results by using article marketing. When you get your articles submitted at EzineArticles and published you should have no trouble with the other submission sites. You must be patience with this technique because it takes time to see results. You must remember that this is a business and without a lot of capital it is nearly impossible to create a successful business with the exception of internet marketing.

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