Google External Keyword Tool – It’s Free, It’s Powerful, And It’s Essential To Finding Your Keywords


As you may know, internet marketing is different from offline marketing. Effective application of SEO or Search Engine Optimization, SEM or Search Engine Marketing and other applications are important to enjoy the maximum benefits of online promotion. One of the best items, which is currently on the market, is the Google external keyword tool.

SEO is critical for online promotion of a blog or website. One of the key points of Search Engine Optimization is called a keyword. It refers to any word or phrase, which is used by an internet user to search for information or details in any of the major online search engines. Some of the major engines are Yahoo, Bing, and of course, Google.

Currently, the biggest in the worldwide web is Google. The keyword tool is set up by this company, is free, and can be used by anyone (can you say awesome?). Before creating your site or blog, it is essential to decide on the right keywords. Your main keyword should be used in the title of your blog or web page for SEO and SEM purposes.

Words similar to your main keyword are commonly used in blog posts or web pages together with the main one. Since both the variants and main ones are instrumental in attracting site or blog visitors, carrying out your research beforehand to decide on the right keywords to use is the difference between success and failure. You can easily do this by using the search system, which was set up by Google.

Just enter some descriptive words or phrases of your intended site or blog into the search system. The tool will then generate a list of keywords and their synonyms. Alternatively, you can enter the URL of a web page or blog into the search tool as well. The list is quite comprehensive, giving you some details about competition level, previous searches and other aspects.

By trying out various words or phrases in the Google external keyword tool, you can easily find a great list of keywords to be used for your site or blog. However, don’t just stop there. Now that you have your list of keywords it is absolutely vital that you target the keywords with high search volume and low search engine competition.

A keyword competition tool makes this research as simple as the push of a button saving time and finding the best keywords to target to attain first page rankings.

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