Google+ and Its Effect on Your Company’s Marketing Campaigns


Google+ Growth is Accelerating. Currently it has 90 million users. Prediction: 400 million users by end of 2012.

With this kind of growth Companies and Brands don’t have a choice but to adjust strategy from pure SEO to Google’s Social SEO.

“Search Plus Your World” effect on SEO:

“Search Plus Your World” is currently optional, meaning you can choose between global search (as it exists now) and the new Google Search Plus. In a nutshell, if you opt for Google+, your search results will be influenced by Google+ profiles and pages, most importantly anything shared on your Google+. Your associations in Google+ Circles will directly influence your search results.

What does “Search Plus Your World” mean to your company?

  • Build strong Google+ social followings and optimize content for social sharing
  • Content marketing with strong Google+ social media engagement will grow your search and mobile presence
  • Ignoring social media could make your company isolated, irrelevant and unnoticeable
  • Allocate money to internet marketing in the context of Social Search. Hire informed Google+ (search + social media) expertise to make sure your message has strong web presence

Impact of “Search Plus Your World” on Email Marketing:

Integrate Google+ in your email campaigns, to grow your marketing effectiveness and boost your Google search rank. If your email audience is Social Media friendly, you can get better Google Search Ranking. So, building a Google+ social fan base for your site is going to be important.

Social Media can amplify your content reach by spreading it on your audience networks. You can attain this by:

  • Integrate Google+ web pages in your email campaigns
  • Include Google+ sharing opportunities for your audience
  • Invite your audience to join Google+ Circle
  • Market your content (blog) in your Google+ Circles and in your email campaigns

Search Plus Your World and Google AdWords

If your company does not intend to be on Google+ then you are forced to do AdWords to be on the first page of Google search results. There may be many companies that are not current on Google’s Search Plus and some who don’t want to spend the time. This could result in increased competition and could cost more for keywords, decrease in quality scores & Click Through Rates.

Companies that are doing PPC and Search Plus might see higher rank and hence cost less for ads.

Growth of Google+ will only lead to more personalized searches and this will affect brand visibility in searches. Having a Social SEO strategy and making changes to your Email and AdWords campaigns can be a one up over your competition.

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